About Me

My design process

Iteration is a word thrown out a lot these days. But it is the basis of my design process. It is how, after asking the right questions and understanding the people, problems, and processes involved in a scenario, I work towards creating possibilities that solve problems. If my design is not working, I iterate. If someone points out problems in my design, I iterate. Listening, learning, questioning, exploring, iterating, and testing: this is how I define design.

Who I am

I am a curious student studying graphic design with a minor in information management & technology at Syracuse University. In my free time, I like creating random things, such as using math nodes to create cool moving textures in 3D software. When I'm not doing that, I might be exploring a Wikipedia rabbit hole (or playing the Wikipedia game where you try and get from one article to another using only the links on the page) or trying to get my mojo back in chess.

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