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Many people have questions about personal and complex financial situations, but they don't want (or are unable) to hire a financial advisor.

I led a team in designing an AI financial assistant chatbot that would be integrated into a bank's website where users could get answers to their financial questions and be directed to appropriate bank resources.

Mockup of AI financial advisor displayed on a laptop.

The situation

During my IBM internship, I sat in on a workshop with a major financial institution that wanted to explore IBM's generative AI solutions. A lot of problems and ideas were shared, but one in particular stood out to me: how could generative AI help people who have questions complex and personal financial situations?


Talking to an expert

I spoke with an expert on the banking industry and the different users and stakeholders involved in financial advising. He gave me four main user groups, but said that there is one group of people in particular that could be helped by additional financial advising services and tools:

Secondary research

Because this wasn't an official client project, I wasn't given any resources to help me in conducting user research, but that didn't stop me from doing research to understand the user groups and potential challenges that they face.

Many young adults turn to social media

Retirement planning is overwhelming for many

Financial advisor usage is low

The design process

Thinking about the user


A user persona


How Might I...

Using the information I learned about the potential users and the financial advising and banking industries, I created some statements to focus on user problems.

Four sticky notes with the text:
            1.	Design a chatbot interface that reflects security and data privacy to keep users confident that they are free to ask whatever they want.
            2.	Design a chatbot experience that goes beyond general responses and gives personalized answers.
            3.	Provide a non-judgmental experience for users revealing information that they would be embarrassed to admit.
            4.	Keep the user engaged with achieving their financial goals for an extended period of time.
            Large text that says: How can I design an experience to help people uncover insights and suggestions about their unique financial situations in a way that prioritizes respect, privacy, empathy and wisdom?

Forming a team

When an internal, companywide hackathon was announced, I knew that this project could be taken further. First, I recruited two other designer interns to help with the interface and experience design.

Medium fidelity prototype design decisions

Initial iteration: chatbot screen

The first iteration of the chatbot screen.

Initial iteration: goals screen

The first iteration of the goals screen.


I organized a cross-functional team of designers, developers, data scientists, and sales and marketing specialists to build an AI financial advisor for an internal hackathon.

Lessons learned

Think about the user and business value

Work within a design system

Narrow the scope

Final design

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The chatbot screen before prompting.


The chatbot screen after prompting.


A modal to edit the selected goal.


A dashboard that has goals and resources.


The chatbot screen before prompting. The chatbot screen after prompting. A modal to edit the selected goal. A dashboard that has goals and resources.

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