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People with ADHD often have a difficult time starting and completing tasks. To understand the reasons for this, I talked to someone with ADHD and did secondary research in order to get a wide range of viewpoints to better understand the challenges that people with ADHD have creating and completing tasks.

I then designed an app that helps people create and complete tasks by taking them through a simple and quick process that encourages them to think more deeply about why they are creating the task.

Mockup of ADHD Task App displayed on a phone

The situation

People with ADHD often have trouble starting and staying focused on tasks that they need to complete. Many people try to use physical or digital planners, reminders, calendars, and agendas, but they each come with their own set of problems.


Secondary research

I started my design process by doing qualitative secondary research about ADHD and how people with ADHD use apps to stay on track. I did most of my secondary research on a Reddit community for people with ADHD.

User interview

To learn more about the problems people with ADHD have with task planning, I talked to someone with ADHD.

The design process

Early wireframes

A false start

After designing a few screens, I realized that I was making a generic calendar app instead of focusing on improving the process of creating and completing tasks. After realizing this, I looked back at my research and notes to remind myself what my goal was.

Reorienting myself

I started by writing down the prompts that the user would be shown throughout the task creation process. Some of these were common among productivity apps, but others were not as standard.

Design decisions

UX design/information architecture

Visual design


I designed an app to help people with ADHD plan and complete their tasks. In the future, I would like to do user testing to see how the design would work in a real-world context.

Lessons learned

Focus on the user

Make things accessible

Final design

A screen from my ADHD Task App
A screen from my ADHD Task App
A screen from my ADHD Task App
A screen from my ADHD Task App
A screen from my ADHD Task App
A screen from my ADHD Task App
A screen from my ADHD Task App

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